Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is that bug?

Hello People of Room 116!

Yesterday we discovered this bug in our yard and it created a frenzy of questions. In the end we realized we had no idea what it could be. Being the excellent scientists we are, we decided to do some research. Our class recorded some of the things we observed about our new discovery:

We found this bug undeground.
It has white stuff on it. - Jesse
It has a pokey mouth. - Aanas
It does not have any wings. - Sharaf
It has a orange head and black eyes - Jesse
It has 6 legs. - Ayesa
It has little hairs on it's legs. - Jesse
It has a little head and a big back - Sawda

We entered those observations into the old Google machine and found a bug that looked very similar:

Turns out that what we found was a June-bug larvae. Soon to be a June-bug/ June-Beetle:

 Great job class! What other things can learn about the creatures that live outside?



Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Are Going Outside!

 Hello People of Room 116,

This week we started to look for life in our community. We went for a walk in the playground and around the community. We found lots of living things

We found:
Worms - Jahiem
Squirrels - Sawda
Birds - Ayesa
Dogs - Rayeed
Grass - Pratheeksha
Hawks - Jesse
Cats - Eden
Robins - Laiba
Flies - Samiha
Trees - Nusrat
Kids - Bilal
Humans -Sharaf

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rainforests and Numbers

Hello People of Room 116!

Welcome back! It has been awhile since we have added anything to the site, but with Spring around the corner the class thought it was time to update.

The class has been talking about animals and wildlife recently, so we have decided to focus our scientific brains on learning about rainforests and the animals that live in them.

We have already begun asking questions:

Ayesa: How many toes does an elephant have?

Jesse: Why do monkeys like climbing trees?

Pratheeksha: How many trees does a rainforest have?

Munir: How does a cheetah run fast? What is faster than a cheetah?

Aanas: How many types of snakes are in the rainforest?

Sawda: Why do tigers have stripes?

With our focus on the rainforest we are also examining numbers we see in the rainforest as well as the numbers we see in the everyday (Ex: what numbers do we see on the TTC? How many red cars will pass us on our walk home? How many eggs did I eat this week?) Please support your student at home by asking them to look for and write down numbers when they see them

Here is a fun site we just discovered that has many great games for your child to try at home (look for the wild animal game in the science section):

Read everyday and have fun learning!

Mr. Grady and Ms. Richa

Friday, November 30, 2012

Maps and Countries

Hello People of Room 116!

For the past week Room 116 has been learning and writing about different countries. The students have expressed interest in learning about the different people of the world and about making maps. Please take some time during the next week or so to talk to your child about the country they live in, the country they are from, and/or the countries they have visited. On scrap paper at home encourage them to make a map to share with the class. Don't forget to add title, legend, and labels.

Room 116 welcomes any pictures you may have from your travels. Thanks!

Mr. Grady & Ms. Richa


Hello People of Room 116!

Congratulations to Room 116 for donating 119 cans to the Warden Woods Food Drive. 119 cans was the most cans brought in by any class in the Kindergarten division. This means that the class will receive a PIZZA PARTY!!!

I will let you know the details when I find out more.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Your donations go towards families in need.

Best Regards,

Mr.Grady & Ms. Richa

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fruits and Vegetables!

Hello People of Room 116!

Since visiting the farm the students of 116 have expressed interest in learning more about food. Yesterday the students talked about different questions they had about fruits and vegetables. Here are some of your students inquiries:

-Why are fruits and vegetables different colours?

-Why do fruits and vegetable taste different from each other?

-Which is the biggest fruit? Which is the biggest vegetable?

Please take some time to research these questions with your child. Encourage them to draw or write their ideas and bring them to school to share with the class.

Here is a website about fruits and vegetables they can try at home:

Here is an alphabet video (using fruits and vegetables)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Hello People of Room 116!

Thanks again to all the parents who volunteered to come on the trip today. I also apologize to any parents who wanted to go on the trip, but were turned away because there was no room left on the bus.

It was cold and muddy, but Room 116 did an amazing job! Here are some pictures: